Greenstone Belly Dance in Delft

Adres Greenstone Belly Dance
Raamstraat 67
2613RW Delft
Telefoon 0616925444
Fax -
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Stijldans nee
Streetdance nee
HipHop nee
Breakdance nee
Kinderdans nee
Salsa nee
Jazz nee
Zumba nee
Bokwa nee
Argentijnse tango nee
Ballroom nee
Country nee
Buikdans ja
Popping nee

Score: 2.6/5 (60 stemmen)

Greenstone Belly Dance is a leading provider of belly dance training and entertainment in the Netherlands. Directed by Siobhan, Greenstone Belly Dance specialises in Middle Eastern belly dance (specifically Egyptian styles) with an emphasis on solid technique, and learning to understand the music. If you love learning about new cultures, like a challenge, and want to improve your core strength and posture, then a belly dance class with Greenstone Belly Dance is perfect for you! Classes currently take place in Delft, and will also be taking place in Rotterdam in 2019. Siobhan teaches periodic workshops worldwide.

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